Decorating tips

What type of frame should you prefer for your poster? What color to choose? With or without a master key? Here are some tips and ideas for showcasing Studio Bon’s creations.

What size frame?

Several options are available to you when choosing a frame.

Without using a mat (white part between the frame and the image), you should choose a frame that matches the size of your poster. Otherwise, simply select a frame larger than the image. The interior dimensions of the mat must then suit the size of the poster.

With or without a master key?

The mat (also called Marie-Louise) will allow you to maintain a space between your poster and the frame strips, thus giving a less cramped effect to the visual . There are also mats of different colors but the most classic remains white or off-white .

Personally I prefer with a master key. Insert the poster at the back of the mat and secure it using light adhesive tape (washi tape, paint tape, etc.).

Having trouble adjusting the poster behind the mat? Help yourself with a light and adjust it for transparency.

View a preview of the Kyoto visual with/without a mat here .

What color?

If you are unsure about the color, a black frame will work every time , especially when it comes to a night scene. It will give a classy and sober look to your interior. This visual lends itself well to it.

A colored frame will be welcome and will highlight your poster if it respects the color code of the work.

There are of course other choices, such as gold frames which will attract attention and make your poster stand out.

What budget?

There are a multitude of frames on the market to suit all budgets. An entry-level product with a plexiglass window will cost around 4 euros ( Leroy Merlin , Mr Bricolage , etc.) while a premium frame in a quality material and a glass window will be much more expensive but much more aesthetic.

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